British Columbia Trip September 2012

Signature Series (These are my signed and limited edition, matted, custom prints of all sizes.  Limited to 250 prints)


Black Bear on the Prowl.jpgBlack Bear Stare II.jpgBlack Bear Stare.jpgBlack Bear with Salmon II.jpgBlack Bear with Salmon III.jpgEye on the Fish.jpgGoing for the Salmon.jpgGrizzly bear eating Salmon.jpgGrizzly Cub Chilling by the River.jpgGrizzly Cub.jpgGrizzly looking for fish.jpgHi There.jpgMom, May I Have Some.jpgMomma Grizzly.jpgpine marten.jpgShy Grizzly.jpgSpirit Bear Stroll I.jpgSpirit Bear Stroll IV.jpgSpirit Bear With Salmon.jpgSpirit Bear.jpg

Regular Series (These are unsigned, unlimited edition prints. These prints are not matted and may not be printed by me)


_D811872.jpg_D811931.jpg_D812035.jpg_D812175.jpg_D812271-Edit.jpg_D812367.jpg_D812379-Edit.jpg_D812529-Edit.jpg_DEE2393.jpg_DEE2399.jpgBlack Bear on the Rocks.jpgBlack Bear with Salmon.jpgGrizzly Bear Eating Salmon II.jpgGrizzly Cubs.jpgGrizzly Watching.jpgHump Back Whale.jpgHunting for Salmon.jpgSalmon End Run.jpgSalmon Run.jpgSpirit Bear Going for the Salmon.jpgSpirit Bear Stroll II.jpgSpirit Bear Stroll III.jpg